Monday, April 23, 2012

Davis Family

Davis is a patronymic surname originating in Wales. The Welsh race is very fond of music and poetry and the language is peculiarly adapted to poetic harmony and rhythm. Today there are more than 100 stone castles still standing, some in decay and others almost all intact as they were more than one thousand years ago. A few of them are still inhabited. The story book of the Wales abound everywhere throughout it's valleys with winding streams and over it's snow capped mountains, the legendary and real reach out together to the present. They tell of a proud land and a proud people. They tell that Wales is an exceptional place to grow men. Having researched virtually every aspect of Davis, I will be publishing a book which will chronicle the Davis Family and will include documentation of my direct relation to the Royal Family. The book, when published, will be available worldwide in standard (hardcover) and digital formats.